T&C Annex Bedding and Towels

Although the following will be applicable only to very few people it is, sadly, necessary as we have previously suffered significant loss.

We provide high quality and therefore expensive bedding and towels. Some products and processes, particularly sun creams containing Avebenzone and "spray tanning" products, are known to cause permanent staining of fabrics they come into contact with, often only visible after a hot wash. The staining can often, but not always, be avoided by first washing affected items in cold water but unless we know to do so all bed linen will be taken to the laundry and washed at high temperature, so it is too late to take remedial action. Of course, not all products are culpable but it is not possible to single out those that are.

In addition to externally applied cosmetic body products, some medical conditions and/or their medications, internally or externally applied, can cause similar problems, often enzyme based and therefore extremely difficult or impossible to remedy. The most common are acne and cortisone creams and treatments for eczema and insect bites.

E1.You agree to remove makeup, tanning, sunscreen or other body products before going to bed and agree not to allow such products to come into contact with any of our furnishings (e.g. towels, sofas, bedspreads, etc). Any staining caused by your use of such products will be considered as damage caused by you.

E2. You agree to advise us of and discuss the situation with us at the time of booking if any member of your party has any condition or is taking medication that may result in discolouration or damage to bed linen or other furnishings. With our prior agreement you are welcome to bring your own bed linen, pillows, duvet and mattress protector. You agree to fully reimburse us for replacement of all items damaged, whether or not the condition was notified to us and whether or not the damage is apparent at the time of departure or at a later date, e.g. following washing.

E3. All bed linen is professionally laundered and, after it has been inspected for cleanliness or damage, sealed in polythene by the laundry. All bedding, including duvets, protectors and mattresses is inspected for cleanliness or damage at the time of preparation for your visit, normally the day of arrival. We can therefore be confident that it is unmarked and undamaged. In the extremely unlikely event that you find otherwise you must advise us of the issue immediately and it will be rectified immediately. There will be no subsequent acceptance on our part that bedding was stained or damaged upon arrival.