T&C Annex Vehicles

Our prices include utilities, heating, hot water, etc. for the normal enjoyment of the property by the party members named on the BCI. There are some specific circumstances where we will charge a fee.

C1. Electric & Hybrid Vehicles (updated 2023)

The property is not equipped with specialised vehicle charging facilities. Without such professionally installed equipment, in the case of fire or other damage our building and contents insurance will be invalidated if guests charge EVs via the domestic circuit. The charging of electric or hybrid vehicles is therefore not permitted but, in any case only low amperage charging would be technically possible with extremely long charge-times, Level 1 and 15 amps maximum. As with all rural properties, the supply (9 kVA in this case), more the adequate for the contents of the house, cannot cope with the added load of fast-charging electric vehicles and upgrading would be prohibitively expensive. There are commercial Level 2 and 3 fast-charging stations in Bais (8km), and four locations in Villaines la Juhel (11 to 12km). There are an increasing number in the surrounding area, especially in towns.

Click this icon for a map  Zoom in and out to see the charging stations in other areas.

In the event of such vehicles being connected to our electricity supply despite the above, we will charge a service fee of 20€ per connection and you will be held responsible for any and all damage or issues arising from connection of electric vehicles to the supply. The property, like most, has a "Linky" smart meter and usage is continuously monitored and recorded. Please notify us at least 14 days prior to arrival, but preferably at the time of booking, if you or any party members are travelling in an electric or hybrid vehicle (unless it is 100% self-charging and incapable of being externally charged). 

Although intended for connection to a standard domestic supply, the charging of electric scooters, hoverboards or similar is prohibited as we cannot know the provenance of the vehicles, batteries or chargers and these are known to be a higher risk category.

The charging of electric bikes is permitted but only with our explicit prior approval and the battery and charger are the OEM's supplied with the bike (or official replacements), for which we may charge the cost of electricity (only) if it is significant.

C2. Caravans & Mobile Homes

The parking of your own or your visitors RVs, caravans, mobile homes or similar at the property is permitted only with our prior agreement, for which we may charge. Connection to any utilities is permitted only with our prior agreement, for which we may charge. There must be absolutely no discharge of tanks or waste material at or anywhere near the property or a charge of 100€ will apply. Unless expressly agreed prior to booking, La Goupillère guests named on the Booking Confirmation must stay in the house overnight. If you travel here in a camper van of any kind or bring a caravan it must be used for transport only, not as accommodation whilst on site.