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We are Sally and Peter

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our preferred means of communication is e-mail and we aim to reply within a couple of hours of receiving your mail. If you have not received a reply within a reasonable time please contact us by text or phone as it's not unknown for e-mail to go astray or crucial details mis-typed.

Similarly, if you make a booking related enquiry through this website or any other portal please let us know should you decide not to follow up with a booking, so that we know you have received our email.

As well as the contact information shown in the panel below you can contact us using the details below.

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Please do not leave any voice-mails! For some reason we cannot pick them up and we have been unable to cease the service because we are not in the UK. Please use text messaging, email, answering machine on our home number or talk to us direct.

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Sally & Peter

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