Suitability for Children, Babies and Pets

Although La Goupillère is primarily intended for adults and teenagers, it has been enjoyed by very many families with children of all ages and/or dogs. In fact, some of the most tearful departures have been from children who just loved it and if you care to read through our guest book you can see some of the many comments.

We seem to appeal to people who love nature, animals and enjoy a family holiday together, in a large, appealing country house and grounds where they can relax and enjoy their own company in privacy but be welcomed to our house nearby where there are ponies, sheep, geese, chickens... and lots of friendly cats. Of course, it's not mandatory and guests can keep themselves to themselves if they prefer!

To be honest, this is not the place for kids who want adventure-packed, hundred-mile-an-hour excitement. That is not to say there are no adventure activities nearby, there are, but we believe it's more of a relaxing and educational environment. There are many medieval towns and villages and if you want to learn about The Romans this is the place to come, it was of course Roman Gaul. The "Local Area Information" page has links to many nearby sites.

We do not have any age restrictions as such but given the nature of the property and our typical clientele we expect children sleeping in our beds to be well past the bed wetting stage; only you can be sure of that as it varies so much. 

We do ask that children are well behaved and supervised, not left to their own devices, mainly for their own safety as La Goupillère is an old farm and not a child-friendly playground with everything low-risk, but also to avoid silly playing that, although innocent, can cause us great problems... like stuffing gravel down the drains or using the white walls as drawing boards. It's happened!

The house stairs are typically French, quite steep and, like most "longères" built on gently sloping ground, has a few shallow internal steps. Inside, there are no child-proof devices on cupboard doors or drawers and no particular attention to keeping everything out of reach of small children. In short, it's a perfectly normal adult oriented house.

There are very few if any true "hazards" and we have never had any accidents but it is only right to paint it as it is so you can decide if it fits your idea of suitable for your own young family. You are most welcome to contact us with any questions this may have prompted.

Babies sleeping in a cot