T&C Annex Payment Methods & Charges

Commissions & Fees

Neither you nor we need to pay surcharges to third parties to effect payment. Whilst you are of course welcome to pay by any method you choose, the amounts credited to our account must be the full invoiced sums. All charges, whether incurred by you or us, must be borne by you.

Internet Banking

Our preferred methods of payment are direct personal electronic transfer using internet banking or bank transfer from your bank to our French account in Euros. Your Booking Confirmation and Invoice will be priced in Euros and include full details of our French bank account. If you wish to pay in GBP we recommend you use e.g. wise.com which is very easy to navigate and you can transfer the exact amounts in Euros at low cost. If you prefer to pay us directly in GBP into a UK bank account please contact us and we will provide our UK bank details, but please see below.

Cheques, etc.

We do not accept personal cheques, company cheques, third-party cheques, bank drafts, holiday vouchers, etc.

Inter-Bank Transfers

Some forms of bank transfers are free of charge but others are not. Any transfer costs you incur are entirely at your own discretion and any transfer costs we incur must be factored in to your payment so that the amount actually credited to us in Euros is the full amount invoiced.


We will, according to the circumstances, accept cash (Euros only) upon arrival for all or part of the rental charge and/or Security Deposit. No discount will be given for cash payments; all of our revenue is fully disclosed.

Refunds (Cross Currency Transactions Only)

Notwithstanding any other aspects of our Terms & Conditions, if any refunds are agreed as a result of cancellation on your part or cancellation by us for your failure to pay balances by the agreed dates the following will apply where cross currency transactions are applicable :

Funds ultimately received in our French bank account in Euros, from whatever source or currency, will be returned in Euros on a one-for-one basis. Any fees or commissions incurred by you or us, or exchange rate changes will not be factored in, i.e. if we received 100€ in our account we will return 100€ from our account. Any fees or commissions we incur will be deducted from the amount remitted.