T&C Annex Pets

Pet Gates

Upon your request, we can provide a proprietary pet gate between the lounge and downstairs hallway or the kitchen. Should you wish to use this, it is not guaranteed foolproof and its failure to contain your pet(s) will not be accepted as a fault on our part. It is your judgement alone as to whether it is suitable. If you opt to use this gate please be aware there is a bar across the bottom at floor level. It is in the nature of the design and is an unavoidable potential trip hazard.

The wooden gate at the top of the stairs is intended only to check small children from accidentally stumbling down the stairs. Pets are not allowed upstairs and this gate is not to be used to contain them there. It may of course be used to ultimately prevent them from going upstairs but should not be the first line of prevention.

Neither gate will prevent a deliberate attempt to circumvent them or support weights or pressures beyond their design limitations

The following additional conditions apply in respect of pet dogs. The property is not suitable for any other pets.

A1. Well behaved and good natured dogs, fully house-trained only, are welcome with our explicit permission and subject to adherence to the conditions below. We reserve the right to accept or decline bookings according to breed, size, numbers or any other factor we deem relevant. Once a booking which includes a dog has been accepted no additional dogs may be added to the booking but a substitution may be accepted subject to circumstances and our specific written agreement.

A2. Dogs must not be left alone in the house and are not allowed upstairs. They are not allowed directly on furniture, seating, beds or rugs and you must provide your own suitable and clean protection to prevent them from coming into direct contact with our furnishings.

A3. You must bring with you everything your dog needs to enjoy a comfortable visit; bed, bedding, basket/cage, dishes, towels, grooming items, etc. You must not use anything we have provided in the property, which is supplied exclusively for human use.

A4. Dogs must be treated for fleas, tics and worms ahead of the visit and if appropriate they must be certified free of rabies (there is no rabies here though). This will have been done to comply with Pet Passport regulations if you are coming directly from the UK or Ireland but if you have been in France for an extended period or are arriving from a country where such documentation is not required you must comply with the requirements and timings of the UK and French Pet Passport schemes. We reserve the right to inspect documentation or see proof of treatment where there is any doubt.

A5. Dogs must be kept under control at all times and not allowed into areas containing farm animals or crops.

A6. Dogs must be actively prevented from getting within three metres of the pool area. The pool and surrounding area are for human use only and in the event of evidence that dogs have been in the pool you will forfeit your security deposit as it will have to be drained, sterilised and refilled.

A7. Any fouling in the house or grounds of the property must be immediately "bagged" by you and disposed of in an official waste disposal bin at the earliest opportunity (please double-bag it). You must provide your own covered receptacle, to be kept outside, for short-term storage of bagged faeces. This must not be stored in the house or allowed to build up and must not be disposed of within the environs of the property or anywhere else except official waste disposal bins. The material or bags must not be flushed down toilets.

A8. The enclosed patio area is planted with herbs intended for human consumption. Dogs must be actively prevented from using this area for toilet, including just "lifting a leg". Likewise in respect of any area containing edible plants, e.g. strawberries.

A9. All damage or soiling caused by pets must be notified to us as soon as possible (so we can rectify the situation prior to the arrival of subsequent guests) and, if appropriate, paid for before departure

A10. This applies only to pets that have not been previously agreed by us and named on your Booking Confirmation & Invoice. If we have not agreed any pets, or the breeds or numbers are not as agreed we reserve the right to require that either the pet(s) is/are placed in kennels in France, by you, for the duration of your stay and at your expense or you vacate the property without refund or compensation. Unapproved pets (whether your own or those of your own visitors) must not be allowed in the house and at our sole discretion we may require that unapproved pets are kept securely in a barn until the matter is resolved. If you bring a pet that we have not agreed you should start from the premise that you will be refused entry to the property.