Terms & Conditions

This update 10 January 2020





The property is offered for holiday rental subject to confirmation by the owners.


The terms “you” and “your” refer to the party leader, the “client” on the Booking Confirmation & Invoice and all members of their party. The terms "us” “we” and “our” refer to the owners.


The term BCI is used to represent our Booking Confirmation & Invoice. The term T&Cs is used to represent these Terms and Conditions.


The terms "agreed by us" and "our prior agreement" mean you must have our written (including email) agreement.


The term "deposit" is used in the UK English language meaning of the word but deposits are payable and accepted under the French "arrhes" legal definition.


Whilst we will never knowingly mislead you, we may on occasion make errors in our communications with you, as indeed you might with us. All communications between us are accepted to be "Errors & Omissions Excepted" and any statements by either party may be withdrawn without prejudice at any time prior to final payment.


We reserve the right to amend these T&Cs and their Annexes at any time. The change(s) will become effective immediately but will not apply to existing confirmed bookings unless they are beneficial to you.




An enquiry will only be considered by us to be a reservation or booking once clause 2.2 has been effected.


Subject to availability, and upon your request by e-mail or telephone, a provisional reservation will be made.


To ratify the provisional reservation we must receive, within 2 days, written (including email) confirmation that you would like to book, the names and home addresses of all party members, your telephone number and the ages of all those under 18 at the date of arrival. To comply with French law we are required to record upon arrival the nationality, place and date of birth of all guests. To avoid form filling on arrival we request that this information is provided at the same time as the above for inclusion on your BCI, which will then also serve as the required record. If you do not provide a verifiable home address we cannot ratify your booking.


If you wish to bring pets, before your request can be considered we must be advised of their numbers, breeds and ages at the date of arrival. Acceptance is entirely at our discretion. Please see the Annex titled "Pets".


The person making the booking (i.e. the client/party leader) must be a member of the party occupying the property and must be aged 25 years or over.


Only once the above are fulfilled, a BCI will be sent by e-mail. This will contain full information relating to the booking and payment.


Upon receipt, you must check the BCI carefully and if any of the information is incorrect, contact us immediately. Mistakes or errors, however caused, cannot necessarily be rectified at a later date.




A booking deposit of 25% of the total rental must be paid within 7 days of the date of the BCI, preferably by personal internet banking transfer (for other payment methods see 3.7). In paying the deposit you certify that you accept and are authorised to agree to these T&Cs and any applicable Annexes on behalf of all persons detailed and all those added or substituted at a later date, should such changes be accepted by us.


For direct bookings, a security deposit of 200€ is payable with your final payment. This will be returned to you within seven days of your departure, subject to the terms of the Annex titled “Security Deposit”. For non-direct bookings the security deposit is subject to the terms of the booking channel (see also 3.3) but in the event of this being inadequate or not enforced we will, if the situation warrants it, pursue the matter through our insurers, who will seek redress. If you do not already have appropriate cover, you are advised to buy comprehensive travel insurance that covers every eventuality.


Some OTAs and channel managers we use, e.g. Travelnest, do not hold security deposits in which case we will give you the (preferred) option of depositing this in our bank French or UK account by direct transfer prior to arrival or in cash (Euros only) on arrival.


The balance (including the security deposit if appropriate) must be paid with cleared funds not less than 30 days prior to your arrival at the property.


We are entitled to treat your booking as cancelled if you fail to pay the booking deposit or balance on time. In the event of this we will send one reminder via the email address of the party leader; failure to at least respond to this within 48 hours may result in application of this clause.


Bookings accepted within 30 days of your arrival at La Goupillère must be paid in full, with cleared funds, prior to your arrival, including the security deposit. In exceptional circumstances we will accept cash (Euros only), subject to the conditions of the Annex titled "Payment Methods & Third-party Charges".


Only the invoiced sums are to be paid. Under no circumstances will over-payments be refunded prior to the completion of your holiday.


If you wish to pay by any method other than personal internet banking transfer or if your booking involves currency exchange please see the Annex titled "Payment Methods & Third-party Charges".


Our published rates are in Euros with payment to be made into our French bank account at the exact Euro amounts invoiced but we can also accept payment in GB Pounds for payment into our UK bank account. If you are booking and/or paying from outside the Eurozone please see the Annex titled "Payment Methods & Third-party Charges".




Upon receipt of your booking deposit a binding contract between you and us will come into existence and these T&Cs will be deemed to be accepted by both parties and form part of that contract. The Annexes to these T&Cs form part of that contract where applicable.






You may arrive on any day of the week. Normal arrival is between 16:00 and 18:00 local time. You should vacate the property by 10:00 on the day of departure. With our prior agreement, depending on other bookings, it may be possible for an earlier arrival or later departure time but this cannot be agreed more than seven days before your arrival date for arrival time and seven days before departure for departure time (our minimum booking horizon).


For your security and our comfort, you agree to advise us, before 10:00 on the morning of your arrival, of your point of entry or landing time in France (or place of departure within France) and your anticipated arrival time. You agree to update us with your progress by text message or other means e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. whilst en route and for us to contact you by such means if we do not hear from you or see fit to request an update. We will not bother you unnecessarily but we care about our guests' well-being and unless we have some idea of your progress we cannot anticipate if something has gone wrong and be in a position to offer or seek assistance. Please note we can receive but are unable to reply to UK mobile operators' text messages or make calls to UK mobiles; please use Whatsap or Messenger to mesage, phone or video us.


Given adequate notice and communication we will be as accommodating as we can. However, as La Goupillère is a single-booking property, not an hôtel or chambres d'hôte with flexible arrival times, you agree to make every effort to arrive at a reasonable time, broadly in line with clause 5.1, unless otherwise agreed by us, at the time of booking in the case of transport arrangements or at least one week before your arrival date for planned itinerary changes. We are sympathetic of verifiable unavoidable delays, which must be advised to us as soon as they are apparent but we do not offer "late check-in" arising from choices of travel times, detours or stops on your journey. We greet all guests personally and unattended arrivals are not accepted except in the case of repeat bookings. If you choose to arrive significantly later than 18:00, unless previously agreed, it may not be possible for you to have access to the property until the following morning. Any costs you incur will not be reimbursed by us and we will not refund any unfulfilled part of your booking.


If we find anything that has been left behind during your stay, we will contact you and will, at your request, return it to you by whatever means you choose. We will use our best endeavours to minimise expense but all carriage costs must be borne by you. Unsurprisingly, we will not tolerate theft so if any of our property is accidentally taken away by any member of your party, you must contact us immediately you discover it and we will decide if we require you to return the item(s) or pay for them.




We strongly advise that all members of your party have comprehensive travel insurance, including full cancellation cover for all eventualities, for the party's personal belongings, public liability, personal accident, consequential loss and damage to our property, etc. Whilst we do not require proof you have insurance, in making the booking you acknowledge that you understand the importance of our advice and absolve us of all legal or moral obligation for any of the above. Any claims must be made direct to your insurance company or other body concerned


We strongly advise that all members of your party have appropriate medical cover for France, at the very least by way of an EHIC. Any claims must be made direct to your insurance company or other body concerned.


We strongly advise that, unless you are certain that you are fully covered, you notify your vehicle insurer of your trip and obtain confirmation that your cover is appropriate for your needs.


We strongly advise that you have comprehensive vehicle breakdown insurance and that the terms of any manufacturers or second-market warranty provide cover whilst in France.


We do not provide insurance and we will not act as an "insurer of last resort". Your use of the property or its facilities is entirely at your own risk - you must have your own insurance.






Cancellation initiated by us without external edict and with no grounds on your part is not envisaged unless the cause is of a very serious nature in which case, if we are in a position to do so we will do all we can to assist you in finding suitable alternative accommodation should you so wish. We will inform you as soon as possible and a full refund of all monies paid by you will be given within 7 days. In the event of cancellation by us in this situation our liability shall be limited to refunding all monies paid and the terms of the "arrhes" deposit definition (clause 8.2a) shall not apply. Consequential loss will not be compensated (see "Insurance" above).


Cancellation advised to you by us as a result of government legislation, decree or official recommendation whether in France or your home country, which prevents us from receiving or accommodating guests, will be subject to French law pertaining to the situation at that time and we will comply fully with that. We will not consider this as cancellation by us and our normal cancellation terms (see section 8) will apply. To be certain you receive financial recompense your travel insurance must include cover for such eventualities.


In the event of materially incorrect information being provided to effect a booking or information comes to light that would have resulted in our declining it originally, we reserve the right to annul the booking, whether or not any payment has been made, and treat such annulment as a cancellation by you (see section 8).






Cancellation by you must be notified in writing, including e-mail and must specifically state you wish to cancel your booking. The effective date is the date and time we receive this, local French time. Any other communications that imply but don't explicitly state you wish to cancel cannot be accepted as notification as we have a contractual obligation to fulfil your booking unless clearly cancelled. The cancellation date will be the date this becomes unequivocal.


Except as set out below we will not make any refund for cancellation. Legislation, decrees, requirements or advisories issued by your home country will not necessarily be accepted as grounds for a refund. To receive full financial recompense, you must have your own insurance that covers the cause of your cancellation. We will, upon request, provide an attestation confirming your booking was ratified, has been cancelled, the reason given, the dates of your booking and all sums invoiced, paid and retained.


As per clause 4.1 your booking deposit is payable and accepted under the French "arrhes" legal definition of a deposit. Unlike the alternative and stricter "acompte" legal definition, paying the deposit does not oblige you to complete the booking but it is lost if you cancel, unless the contract provides for the possibility of recovering some of the deposit in the event of cancellation (see below).


Notwithstanding the legal definition, should you cancel, we will refund a percentage of the booking deposit, depending on the notice given. The cancellation charge will be…

  • 0 – 30 days prior to arrival date = 100% of all monies paid (see 8.2c)
  • 31 – 60 days prior to arrival date = 75% of deposit
  • 61 – 90 days prior to arrival date = 50% of deposit
  • 91 or more days prior to arrival date = Full refund


If you cancel 30 days or less prior to your booked arrival date or the booking is voided due to your non-payment of the balance due, we will retain all monies paid, except the security deposit, if paid, which will be refunded in full. Ultimately, we will retain 100% of the booking deposit but if your payment includes the balance, i.e. you have paid in full, and we are able to re-let the property at short notice we will refund an appropriate amount commenserate with the withheld balance.


Bookings rescheduled to later dates, at our discretion, will become subject to the Terms & Conditions prevailing at the date of our accepting the change, except booking deposit cancellation charges which remain calculated from the original arrival date.


In the event of cancellation deemed by us to be as a result of the deliberate provision of materially incorrect information, failure to provide the information required under clause 2.3 or fraud, you will lose any monies paid.


Any claims for cancellation covered by your insurance must be made direct to the insurance company concerned. Booking deposits and balance payments will not be refunded by us except as set out above.


Alterations that require reconfiguration of beds must be requested by you and agreed by us at least 30 days prior to your arrival.


No reasonable requests for alteration will be refused but any requested alteration to a booking that we choose not to accept which leads to your cancelling the booking will be considered as a cancellation by you and the above conditions will apply. No reduction or refund will be made in the case of booked persons who do not ultimately stay in the property.


Any refund arising from cancellation by you will be made no less than 60 days from the date the original funds were credited to our bank account.






You must keep the property and all the furniture, fittings, facilities and equipment in the same state of repair and condition as at the start of the holiday and in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found. You will be responsible for any breakages, losses or damage to the property or its contents caused by members of your party or third parties permitted access to the property by any member of your party.


You must report to us without delay any defects to the property or breakdown of the equipment, machinery or appliances in the property and grounds. Arrangements will be made for repair or replacement, at our discretion, as soon as possible. You must not move, reconfigure, re-plug or physically connect any devices to our equipment.


Upon arrival you will be given a user-booklet containing useful local information and advice about living in a rural environment. You agree to respect this advice, e.g. there is a “fosse toutes eaux” and no sanitary, cosmetic or baby items are to be flushed down the toilets. It is your responsibility to impress upon all members of your party and all visitors our requirements in respect of the “fosse toutes eau”.


Upon departure you must leave the property clean and tidy and remove all waste.






The house is considered to be at full capacity if let to a maximum of six persons or each bedroom is occupied. All guests must sleep at night in a bedroom in the beds provided. Nobody may sleep at night on e.g. sofas or "camp beds", whether ours or yours. You must not move beds, bedding or any furniture from one room to another. The house was designed for family use and five or six adults is not a typical family group so please bear this in mind, particularly hot water, as everyone having a shower one after the other might drain the tank (it will of course refill).


All bookings are accepted based on the information provided at the time of booking, with reasonable amendments permissible up to 30 days prior to arrival, with our written agreement only. Your booking is for your named party, as listed on the BCI, amened by us if appropriate, to be accommodated and not for renting the property as such, i.e. it is not let with a capacity which may be further utilised at a later date, unless agreed by us in writing at least 30 days prior to arrival. Your booking does not automatically entitle you to add additional people or pets or make substitutions at a later date and we reserve the right to decline such alterations or charge a supplement for any changes that we do accept. We retain the right to terminate hire without prior notice and without refund or compensation if the agreed numbers are exceeded. Before you book please satisfy yourself that our terms of business are suitable for the manner in which you intend to occupy the property. Reasonable amendments will not be unreasonably refused!


You may have, in reasonable numbers, lunch, dinner or occasional guests but your guests are not permitted to stay overnight without our prior agreement, for which we may charge a fee and we will issue an amended BCI to remain compliant.


The pitching of tents for use by children is permitted only with our prior agreement. The pitching of tents or other structures for use as sleeping accommodation is not permitted.


If additional people stay at La Goupillère in their own accommodation, e.g. a mobile home this must be agreed by us prior to their visit. We reserve the right to charge for connection to utilities or for the use of bathroom facilities, the amount to be agreed prior to their arrival. There must be absolutely no discharge of tanks or waste material at or anywhere near the property or a charge of €100 will apply. See also clause 14.4.


The party leader remains responsible at all times for the behaviour and conduct of your guests and you will be liable for all damage or loss arising.


The amenities and facilities provided by us are for the use of the persons named on the BCI only. Your guests may not use e.g. showers, baths, beds, laundry equipment or any other items provided for the purpose of staying in the property. Obviously the use of toilets is permitted (subject to our requirements in respect of the “fosse toutes eau”).


Only those pets agreed by us at the time of booking are permitted in the house or grounds. Your guests' pets are not permitted under any circumstances.


Notwithstanding any other considerations, nobody may stay in the property anonymously. We are required by law to have full details, as per the BCI, of all persons occupying the property.




Under normal circumstances we will not access the interior of the property during your stay without your express agreement. However, we reserve the right to do so in your absence, without your permission, to carry out urgent maintenance or address issues deemed necessary by us, such as windows being left open when a storm is imminent.


Gardeners and maintenance personnel may enter the grounds during your stay, usually with prior notice to you, except in case of emergency when this may not be possible.






The party leader is responsible for the correct and decent behaviour of the party. Should any member of the party not behave in such a manner, including health and safety or hygiene matters potentially affecting the property or subsequent guests, we may use our absolute discretion to terminate the holiday of the person(s) concerned. In this situation, the person(s) concerned will be required to leave the property immediately. No refunds will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.


The Internet service may not be used for any illegal or subversive activities, including the transfer of pirated material or material illegal under French law. You agree that in the event that we are required to provide information to The Authorities relating to the period of your stay we will divulge your personal details. We will not divulge personal information unless bound by law to do so.


Wildfires are all too common in summer, particularly in hot dry periods and surrounding fields of crops and tinder dry verges are potentially vulnerable. Fireworks, bonfires or anything that is alight e.g. Chinese lanterns, are not allowed under any circumstances. Apart from the stupidity of doing this, all are illegal and if you are reported to the police by a passer by or smoke is spotted from the air by helicopters or light aircraft keeping an eye open for such problems they will take the matter extremely seriously.


Candles or e.g. lanterns fuelled by flammable material must not be used in the house or inside any structure. Citronella candle insect repellents and similar may be used outdoors only but must not be left lit when unattended. They must be completely extinguished when left.




The property is let as self-catering and is not “serviced”. Upon arrival it will be clean and beds made up to the agreed configuration. Housekeeping and the making up of beds during your stay is not included.


Upon request and with adequate notice it may be possible though not guaranteed to arrange an in-let cleaning or housekeeping service. Payment for such service is to be made on location and direct to the provider at the time of provision and without responsibility on our part.


Gardening and the maintenance of the grounds is included in the rental price. Guests may participate in such activities if they wish.




Bed linen is included in the rental price and is intended to last one week (or slightly longer depending upon the actual duration). For stays of two weeks or more clean linen will be provided weekly. Bed linen is professionally laundered and must not be washed in the domestic equipment supplied. Only the beds noted on your BCI will be made up and beds that are not made up must not be used. If you need additional bed linen, please just ask.


We provide all bed linen, professionally laundered and sterilised, as with good hotels, so you can be sure of the purity of our bedding. For reasons of hygiene and to prevent potential pest infestation you must not use bed linen or pillows previously used elsewhere on your holiday. If you do have particular needs, e.g. special pillows, please contact us to discuss and we will agree a solution. If you do have previously used bed linen etc. you must not bring it into the house, please tell us and we will arrange for it to be safely stored elsewhere.


Ample clean towels for normal use will be provided upon your arrival but we leave the frequency of washing these to you. You must not remove towels from the house, except for drying them on the clothes line. Beach and pool towels are not generally provided and you should bring these with you but if this is difficult please contact us to agree alternative arrangements.


The house is equipped for adult use. We can, however, provide a cot, high chair, baby bath and changing mat but you must bring with you any particular items required by younger (or older) members of your party.


Laundry facilities and supplies are provided for your use only, i.e. the washing of your personal soft clothing and items supplied by us (e.g. towels). You agree not to use these for laundering your own bedding from previous accommodation, pet bedding or items belonging to persons who are not named on the BCI.


You agree to fully reimburse us for damage or irreversible staining to bedding, towels or furnishings, however caused (see the Annex titled "Security Deposit").






For their own safety, children must not be allowed to wander unaccompanied in the grounds of the property, in barns or on roads or footpaths.


The property is in a farming area and you need to be aware of the potential hazards of farm machinery, barbed wire around fields and the need to obey country codes in respect of damage to crops, etc. For their own safety, guests should not enter any fields that contain animals.


As the environs are rural and predominantly organic there may be spiders or insects in the vicinity or in the house and there may be rodents or (harmless) grass snakes in the vicinity. Occasionally farmers spray organic fertiliser and this may be noticeable. It is not unhealthy and the "country air" will dissipate quickly. None of these will be considered by us to be a defects.


There are fruits, berries and herbs growing in the garden and hedgerows and you may pick and eat these. Although we are unaware of any issues you do so entirely at your own risk and we recommend that you do not eat any wild fungi, whether gathered from the grounds or elsewhere.






The area have very little crime but valuables left at the property are left at your own risk and we will not be responsible for any loss. Reasonable care must be taken against theft and burglary and it is your responsibility to ensure that all doors and windows are closed and locked when leaving the property.


Windows, especially the "Velux" roof windows upstairs, must be closed in the event of storms or rain or if there is a likelihood of inclement weather in order to prevent water damage.


There are security cameras covering the outside areas of the property. There are no cameras inside or with a view inside any of the buildings. These exist solely to provide surveillance when La Goupillère is unoccupied and will be deactivated during your stay, unless you specifically want to have any of them operational. They will be disconnected from power and data and we will be happy to demonstrate this to you. We leave the infrared floodlights activated as they serve as a deterrent at night but rest assured, they are only lights, albeit invisible apart from the glow of the leds.






VAT is not applicable and is not charged (Art. 293 B of the General Tax Code - Member of a micro-enterprise tax regime).


There is a small Tourist Tax (Taxe de Séjour) payable to us by all visitors over the age of 17 who stay in accomm-odation (hotels, gîtes, B&B, campsites, etc.) For La Goupillère this is currently 1,20€ per adult per night and is remitted by us to The Communauté de Communes, which includes our Commune. Most OTAs collect this directly in which case you will not pay it to us but there are some loopholes where "foreign" third parties do not have this obligation in which case you will need to pay it in cash (Euros) before departure..We can only accept cash, otherwise we will be taxed on it!






We cannot be held responsible for and no compensation will be paid for events beyond our control or for noise, disturbance or nuisance originating outside the boundaries of the property.


We cannot be held responsible for and no compensation will be paid for the breakdown of mechanical or electrical equipment, the failure of internet or satellite television services, nor the failure of public utilities or failure to provide services, whatever the cause. Our liability shall be limited solely to rectifying the situation as soon as is reasonably possible.


We cannot guarantee the quality or speed of third party service delivery, e.g. internet speed and bandwidth, mobile phone signals, TV channels, electricity, water, etc. and no compensation will be paid for our inability to meet your particular expectations or requirements. Our liability shall be limited solely to liaising with suppliers to rectify any subnormal situations as soon as is reasonably possible.


We cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to any party members (or their guests), their belongings or their vehicles when using the property, outbuildings, grounds, equipment, or other facilities. The use of these are entirely at your own risk.


Where additional facilities or items are provided or used, with or without our knowledge or consent, e.g. (but not limited to) pools, bicycles, toys, games, hosepipes, garden furniture, barbecues, etc., you use these entirely at your own risk and we accept no responsibility.




These Terms & Conditions are applicable to all bookings. For simplicity, aspects applicable to specific situations only are contained in Annexes and these form part of these T&Cs if applicable.






Non-Standard Vehicles


Security Deposit


Bedding & Towels


Payment Methods & Charges